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About MP Digital Design

I set up MP Digital Design after many years of working in and around creative industries. My first introduction to Adobe Photoshop was while studying Music Technology in England. Creating sounds, music and art stimulates the same creative part of your brain. In hindsight, the graphical aspect overpowered the musical aspect sending

me down the path to where I am now. Having moved to Australia in 2007 I was afforded the opportunity to work in the art department of a signage manufacturer. I used this time to advance my skills by studying graphic design. This study helped me enter a career of over ten years with the signage company. After completing a graphic

design course I continued my study completing a web design course. I saw a union of the two courses in helping me design creative websites while understanding the functionality and accessibility limitations web design allows you. I am confident the skills I have learned allow me to complete many differing digital design projects to a highly professional standard.

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Photoshop 91%
Wordpress 95%
Illustrator 93%
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